Oilseed Rapeseed
Oilseed Rape

Saturn Seeds has worked closely with UK Breeders Agent Grainseed Ltd on marketing Euralis oilseed rapeseed varieties.  Notable successes include the hugely popular Low Biomass Varieties Astrid, Alienor and Cubic whilst the Super Early Low Biomass variety Alegria is available this Autumn

In addition to these, Saturn Seeds offers a full range of conventional and hybrid varieties.

Arazzo Oilseed Rape Recommended

Arazzo oilseed rape has made the recommended list for 2015.

It looks to be an ideal replacement for Excalibur with very similar characteristics but with an extremely high seed yield.

Watch this space for more news and updates!

Arazzo OSR (2108kb)

Arazzo harvest update

Early harvest trial results in the NIAB TAG trials show Arazzo producing exceptional yields!

Latest provisional one from Childerley, Cambs;

Arazzo 114% gross output, extermely high yielding hybrid

Es Alienor - 2nd highest yielding conventional variety

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Arazzo is the top seed yielding variety over 4 years in the HGCA trials proving it's consistency over a range of years and sites. See HGCA website for results

Es Alegria

Es Alegria is a super early conventional variety which shows rapid establishment in the Autumn and grows away very early in the Spring.

In addition to excellent standing power it has a strong diease profile which includes multi gene phoma resistance.

Introduced in 2013 it is set for a considerable expansion in area this Autumn.

Please see our Alegria leaflet for more information

Es Alegria (2745kb)