Contract Acreage

We are constantly looking to work with new growers and expand our portfolio of contract acreage.

We want to build a partnership with growers to ensure that we can have repeat acreage year after year.

All cereal seed crops will be inspected by our qualified crop inspectors to ensure quality product. 

We have good premiums on a number of different crops as listed below. 


We are currently looking for growers for the following varieties:

Winter Wheat

Gravity, Elicit, Gleam, Skyscraper, Spotlight, Sabretooth, Extase, Zyatt, Skyfall, Siskin, Barrel, Basset, Elation, Kerrin, Graham, Costello.

Winter Barley

Craft, Electrum, Flynn, Gimlet, Orwell, Surge, Cassia & Funky

Winter Oats

Mascani, Victorious, Lineout, Griffin

Winter Beans

Bumble, Tundra, Wizard


If you are interested in the possibility of growing any of these varieties for seed, please contact us on 01366 385249 or email